Are you ready to smash those sales goals?

Hi, I am Hannah and I am a Business Development and Sales Consultant!

After years in the corporate sales world, covering a variety of roles within the technical business development sector, I realised that my passion lay more with helping other people than it did with the actual “sales”. Yes I love the thrill of the chase, who doesn’t really, but after years of working for someone else, I took the plunge to go freelance and have never looked back! 

From initial contact, through quoting, all the way to execution of the service, sales is a journey and how you conduct that journey as a business says so much to your clients! Guiding you through that journey is where I come in….

I’ve been there, I’ve got the t-shirt and I have learned a lot of things that will take your business from “good” to “AMAZING”!

I’ve done the hard learning so you can learn from me and get all the benefits! 

So if you fancy an initial chat and potentially work through your process, I look forward to hearing from you!





“Hannah was able to step in last minute and help me with a really important proposal; reviewing what I had already and suggesting some key clauses which turned out to be game changing! Not only was she able to help me, she also coached me on my process and was able to give me a confidence in how I was approaching sales within my business! Whether you need her as a Sales Director for your business, or a coach to teach you how to do it yourself, I highly recommend Hannah!!”

Alex | ARC Virtual Solutions