Tuesday 5th July 2022

Want to create that perfect journey for your clients to work with you, where they WANT you to sell them more?? I will show you how...


In just 90 minutes, I will take you through my 5 key steps for creating a client journey your clients will be asking you to take them on!!

No pushing your clients into programmes they don’t need, no creating hundreds of new offers no one buys… 

It’s all about aligning the journey your clients can take with you to their needs and helping them release their inner potential by working with you, now and in the future!

Whether you are an established business OR even if you are just getting started, this will help make you more money if implemented in your business whilst keeping your clients right at the heart of everything you do!

Are you ready to skyrocket that business of yours?


Hello you gorgeous humans…

I am Hannah! I am a sales coach and consultant based in the sunny UK!!

After years in corporate sales, bringing in deals of up to 9 FIGURES, I had the glaring realisation… It wasn’t for me!

I learned the hard way that just because I CAN sell anything doesn’t mean I SHOULD… or that I WILL!

I fundamentally believe that the client should ALWAYS come first…

So I left! I packed up my trusty coffee mug (you can’t work in sales without a slightly unhealthy addiction to coffee….) and started my own business helping business owners overcome their sales blocks and SMASH their income goals!

I have been lucky enough to work with some INCREDIBLE people so far on my journey and watching them grow their business AND their confidence has been amazing!!

I cannot wait to work with you!!

What are you waiting for?!