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I know what you are thinking... "I will just do the challenge, it's fine, I don't need even more support"

The VIP Pass is for those who want crystal clarity and the ultimate level of focus.

The VIPs, those who know they are destined for epic things and want to do the work to get it!

Most people drop out of free events by day 2 – this won’t happen to you when you have access to me throughout!!

This challenge can be an intense experience and life-changing for a lot of people who go through it, so let me put it like this:

The odds of it being life-changing for you increase A LOT if you join the VIP PASS – because you’ll get personal help from me, and we’ll defeat any overwhelm the rest of the participants may be feeling.

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For this super low price of ONLY $49 you will get access to a private voxer group with me ALL WEEK where I will be there to answer your questions as they come up, as well as dropping more gold nuggets to help you smash those wealth goals! 

And if that wasn’t enough…

You will also get a group Q&A call with me on Zoom where I will answer even more questions and help you get rid of any of those pesky doubts and moving forward straight away!! 

Not only will this help you smash the challenge tasks... but you will also get a secret advantage to building the wealth of your dreams!

Let's do this!

Tell me again what's included...

Private Voxer Group

A whole week of support from ME on Voxer!

Where you can ask every single question your heart desires, as they spring to mind.

Meaning you don’t have to wait for the daily AMA threads and lives… and can move forward knowing you have not just the answer… but one CUSTOM TO YOU!!

Not only that, I will also be dropping even more GOLD about each task and making sure you get that all important clarity on you need to get building that wealth!

Group Q&A Zoom Call

Want even more support from me?!


During this group zoom call, every single person who attends will get 1-1 support from me going through the thing that is causing you the most stress when it comes to selling!

I have built a business on getting to the answer you need QUICK and making sure that it fits YOU… no cookie cutter crap here!!