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“One Off Session” – Sales Script Template

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When it comes to sales, the easiest way to start the ball rolling, or even to move into a new audience etc is with a “one-off session” of some sort!

This can come in the form of a power hour, strategy session, reading or general discussion based on your business!

The following is a flow which can be used and adapted for individual sessions booked by clients to help with up-selling and down-sell from the session.

For me, I have then incorporated these into my Calendly booking sequence to automate things, reduce time for me and increase the potential revenue per client from a sales point of view.

This flow can be used by you for ALL different offerings and shows you how to utilise follow up emails to maximise your revenue per client whilst also not being too much of a “pushy paul” in the process!

Don’t just copy these word for word! It’s lazy 😝 and also won’t sound like you! But instead use them as inspiration to see how you can follow up with your clients more effectively and combine with other templates to best suit you!