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 After years in the corporate world, working across the globe securing multi-million pound contracts, Hannah realised she had more to offer the world than just winning contracts! 

Her goal now: to help as many businesses as she can to GROW LIKE HELL and reach the goals they deserve! 

Hannah threw away the “Alpha Sales Playbook” she had been subjected to in the corporate world and focusses on things such as:

  • Unlocking the untapped gold mines in your business
  • Why, without a strategy, your sales will suck!
  • Knowing your capacity and how you are killing your business by working too much
  • Smashing those sales calls like a boss
  • Overcoming objections without being an asshole
  • Closing techniques from this century, not the 1950’s
  • Covering your backside whilst dazzling your clients with an incredible proposal
  • Getting your head in the game for epic sales
  • And loads more…

So if you want to give our audience a value packed insight into the world of sales and how they can truly smash their goals in their business, look no further! 

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With years of multi-million pound corporate deals under her belt, Hannah now works with business owners, entrepreneurs and agencies to develop sales strategies for success. No “spammy pammy” sales here, just tried and tested methods to grow like HELL! From the foundations of a successful sales strategy to converting clients without those outdated pushy sales tactics we all know and HATE, Hannah shows you how to grow your business income without compromising your integrity and staying true to your values! But be warned, she doesn’t mince her words…