1-1 Sales Coaching 6 Week Programme

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Do you have a business that is “surviving” rather than “thriving”?
Do you wish you had someone with years of sales experience on tap to support your business?
Do you wish you had regular access to someone you could make strategic decisions with who would make sure you were always on the path to success?

If you answered HELL YES to these questions, then 1-1 sales coaching with me is the perfect answer!

My clients have:
πŸ’™ Launched offers within a few hours of their initial idea and had the sales rolling in
πŸ’™ Created full sales strategies to grow their businesses without the need for working every hour of the day
πŸ’™ Moved into much higher ticket markets growing their offerings by 10x in value
πŸ’™ Overcame confidence barriers to selling
πŸ’™ Improved their sales call skills and increasing their conversion rates
πŸ’™ Implemented detailed proposal templates in their business to not only show themselves off with the value they deserve but covered their butts against potential pit-falls
πŸ’™ And so much more…

With my years of experience in corporate sales, working on contracts of up to $1billion, I have a wealth of knowledge that has helped businesses GROW!!

All without sleaze, pointlessly sliding into DM’s and most importantly… INTEGRITY TO THEIR CLIENTS!!

I only take on a limited number of coaching clients and only those who are the best fit with me and that I believe I can help succeed! This is the reason for the application system. It is about ensuring that we work well together and that your goals are aligned with mine for you!

Coaching has a 6 week commitment (and then continuation reviewed at the end of that to see what would fit best with your future goals and needs).

This is because in order to get REAL benefits from our working relationship, and ensure we build you a SUSTAINABLE business, it takes TIME!

There are no over night successes in this world, no matter what you might read on social media!

Within my coaching packages you will receive:
πŸ’™ Face to face meetings with me (7 in total during the 6 week programme. 1 at the start to identify your goals and then weekly 90 min calls to keep you on track to success)
πŸ’™ Detailed feedback and support in creating offerings, proposals, pricing and more during our time together
πŸ’™ Access to me via email/messenger functionality for all those questions you might have during your working day

Basically you will get me as your Sales Director, guiding you every step of the way to achieve your goals!

So if you are COMMITTED, DRIVEN and READY FOR SUCCESS… I look forward to working with you in the future!!

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