The Proposal Playbook


It’s time to step into your power and create the most INCREDIBLE proposals to get your clients saying YES!

This playbook is literally my brain in a pdf when it comes to proposal writing!



When it comes to ANY high ticket, done for you or corporate work… you NEED to nail your proposals!

These are one of the most crucial parts of your sales process in these markets and one that I see time and time again fall short…

After years as a senior bid manager for one of the largest engineering companies in the world, I have written more proposals than I have had hot dinners! And not only that, I have revamped and improved proposal processes for multi-million $ companies to increase those conversions!!

Within this playbook you will find EVERYTHING you need to not only smash those client proposals, but to save you time and money in your business moving forward.

Let’s kick things up a gear!