It's time to land corporate deals, grow your business and stop leaving money on the boardroom table!!


Group Programme Starts Monday 3rd April!

Do you want to grow your authority by landing corporate deals?

Do you want to drive real change across industries and know you are the one to lead it?

Do you want to maximise the wealth in your business by tapping into the corporate space?


I see you there. You know the impact working with corporates will have for you.

You know it will skyrocket your authority across everything you do.

You know it will add an additional amazing income stream into your business.

You know you are the one who can create real lasting changes for people.

And you are ready to put in the work!

But you want a clear plan of how to get maximum results without costing you the time and money that comes with trying to work it out yourself!


Your ultimate solution for conquering the corporate selling market with everything you need, from understanding the corporate landscape and attracting your perfect clients… all the way through to landing those deals AND BEYOND!

It’s time to level up and work with the clients you dream of!


Since moving from the corporate world into online business I have been shocked at the untapped potential out there for the corporate market!

So many incredible businesses JUST LIKE YOU who could be working with some of the biggest names in the world… DAILY!

But when I looked, there just wasn’t the training available…

Sure there are programmes on sales calls, attracting clients on LinkedIn and the like…

But nothing covering ALL ASPECTS or with the detail that will give you EPIC return on investment.


This programme includes everything I have learned throughout my corporate selling career, harnessing the power of multi-million $$ sales to give YOU the ultimate framework for success!

All you need to do… ACTION IT! 



If you are reading this thinking:

✅ I am ready to commit to my SUCCESS and TAKE ACTION

✅ I want to be seen as a LEADER in my industry

✅ I want a CLEAR and ACTIONABLE strategy without the fluff

✅ I want to add additional income into my business

✅ I am ready to make BIG changes in the corporate world and be known for them


If you are reading this thinking:

❌ I want a quick fix and magic wand solution to my problems

❌ I am not ready to invest the time needed to make this work

❌ I just want to play it safe

❌ I don’t need a strategy I can just wing it…

But what’s in it Hannah?!

Within this 12 week group programme you will get...


9 LIVE workshops throughout the 12 weeks covering EVERY SINGLE STEP of the selling to corporate process!

From defining goals and ideal clients to creating the perfect offer, proposals and negotiations! Oh and don’t forget account management!!

This is the full programme leaving no stone unturned to make sure you are FULLY prepared!


Each workshop comes with a full transcription of the session as well as a workbook with actions to complete to keep you moving forward!

Not just theory… but real actionable steps to get you to your goals!


Once a month you will get the opportunity to come to a zoom call and jump in the hot seat. We will then go over what you have been doing, look at any areas that you need support with and give you tailored support just for you!

During our 12 weeks there will be 3 opportunities for hot seat sessions and everyone who attends will be given the opportunity (time allocations applicable).


This FB group is your place to share the highs and lows of your journey into corporate as well as ask questions of both me and the rest of the group!

AND if you want even more access to me during the 12 weeks... check out the VIP and VIP PLUS options including 1-1 support and more!!

But don’t take my word for how amazing it is to work with me…


Group Programme

$ 2000

Payment Plans Available
  • 9 Workshops with Lifetime Access to replays
  • 12 Weeks Exclusive FB Support Group
  • Workbook and Transcription to support each workshop
  • 3 x Hot Seat Coaching sessions during the 12 weeks

VIPIncluding 1-1 Support

$ 3000

Payment Plans Available
  • 12 Weeks 1-1 Voxer Support
  • 9 Workshops with Lifetime Access to replays
  • 12 Weeks Exclusive FB Support Group
  • Workbook and Transcription to support each workshop
  • 3 x Hot Seat Coaching sessions during the 12 weeks


$ 8000

Payment Plans Available
  • VIP Day & Bespoke Strategy and Proposal Template
  • 12 Weeks 1-1 Voxer Support
  • 9 Workshops with Lifetime Access to replays
  • 12 Weeks Exclusive FB Support Group
  • Workbook and Transcription to support each workshop
  • 3 x Hot Seat Coaching sessions during the 12 weeks
  • *application based*

Hello you gorgeous humans…

I’m Hannah, a sales mentor based in the “sunny” North East of England!!
I love helping business owners just like you fall in love with selling and build wealth!!
I come from the corporate world of international sales. After over a decade of working every hour under the sun to grow someone else’s wealth, I had enough!! Enough of the drama, the pushy horrid tactics…
And worse than that… I fell out of love with selling.
The spark, the passion… the FUN had gone!!
So I packed up my trusty coffee mug and left!!
No plan, no income source… NOTHING!
It was TERRIFYING!! To step out of the stability and security of a corporate job and into the unknown… 🤮🤮🤮
Leaving that corporate salary was the hardest thing, and even after having a very up and down pay cheque due to commissions etc… the idea of not having that base income, that regular income no matter what… ARGH!!
But since then… WOW!! It has been a rollercoaster but BOY has it been worth it!
I now work with over 100 clients, of all shapes, sizes and industries to ignite their passion with selling, finding ways of doing it that align with them AND build their wealth now and in the future!!

I cannot wait to work with you!!


Frequently Asked Questions!

How will training be provided?

There will be 9 live workshops throughout the 12 weeks of the programme (3 weekly calls then 1 implementation week x 3). All workshops will also come with a workbook and transcription to ensure accessibility for all. All replays will be available through your account on my website and you will have lifetime access to them.

How will the hot-seating calls work?

The hot-seat calls will be during our “implementation weeks” of the 12 week programme. These sessions will allow time for each person on the call to talk through what they have been working on and get direct feedback from me to help them move forward.

How long is support in the FB group available?

The exclusive FB group will be open for the 12 week duration of the programme and be a place where we share wins, issues and ask for feedback as a group. I will be there to answer questions in the group setting and give feedback.

Is 1-1 support included?

1-1 support is available within the VIP and VIP Plus options and will be provided via Voxer app. There are limited places available on these options. No 1-1 support is provided in the group programme package.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email!!

Email Me

All purchases are subject to Hannah Walker Terms and Conditions.
By purchasing this programme you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and purchase is deemed as acceptance of these terms.