It’s time to stop listening to the BS that “people don’t buy in the summer” and make some MONEY!

6 weeks group sales mentoring to make this the BEST SUMMER EVER!

You’ve heard them say that “people don’t buy in the summer” and you are sat there thinking that sounds like bullshit…
Well you are RIGHT!
If people don’t buy in the summer, it’s because people don’t SELL in the summer!!
A self full-filling prophecy reinforced by people repeating the same dross every year.
You know it and you do NOT want to fall foul of it!
6 weeks of group sales mentoring to keep you motivated, accountable and SELLING!

This IS for you if:

🔥 You want accountability this summer to keep the cash flowing into your business and not drop the ball!
🔥 Daily access to me to answer your questions and stop you overthinking every single thing!
🔥 A community of other epic business owners who are ready to take action and not let others tell them they can’t make money just because of dates on a calendar!
🔥 You are ready to commit to 6 weeks and making epic sales this summer!

Do NOT join if:

👀 You aren’t ready to put in the work and happy to use what others say as an excuse this summer!
👀 You believe that no one buys during the summer so there clearly isn’t a point even trying and instead will just “hope for the best”!
👀 You don’t want to be part of a supportive group to help you every step of the way and get access to thousands of $$ worth of sales mentoring at the same time!
👀 You don’t want to make extra money this summer!

Ok sounds good but... What actually is this??

This is EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN! (To quote Alex Coward… I’ve Ronseal’d it haha!)

By joining you will get:

💸 6 weeks in a Voxer group chat with me to answer all your burning questions, drop nuggets of random sales gold and a healthy dose of butt kicking and cheerleading when needed!

💸 Bonus resources throughout the 6 weeks if needed by the group to help you really get going and making money FAST!

💸 I may even throw in the odd LIVE zoom session as well because well… it’s me! And that’s what I do when my spicy brain gets all excited!

Yes some of the details are a bit less finalised right now… but with GOOD REASON!

This is a 6 week “container” (or whatever horrid random buzzword you want to call it) that will be reactive to YOUR needs!

It’s about giving you 6 weeks of unparalleled value packed sales awesomeness to not only help you SMASH the summer…

But build LIFELONG BUSINESS HABITS that will help you make money far into the future!

For the lowest group mentoring price I have EVER released into the world!

What do you have to lose?!


I am Hannah! I am a sales coach and consultant based in the sunny UK!!

After years in corporate sales, bringing in deals of up to 9 FIGURES, I had the glaring realisation… It wasn’t for me!

I learned the hard way that just because I CAN sell anything doesn’t mean I SHOULD… or that I WILL!

I fundamentally believe that the client should ALWAYS come first…

So I left! I packed up my trusty coffee mug (you can’t work in sales without a slightly unhealthy addiction to coffee….) and started my own business helping business owners overcome their sales blocks and SMASH their income goals!

I have been lucky enough to work with some INCREDIBLE people so far on my journey and watching them grow their business AND their confidence has been amazing!!

Let's Do This!!

Summer Sales Group Voxer

$ 222

Payment Plans Available
  • 6 Weeks Group Voxer Support
  • Bonus resources to be added during the container

VIPinc 90 min 1-1 Call

$ 555

Payment Plans Available
  • 6 Weeks Group Voxer Support
  • Bonus resources to be added during the container
  • 90 min 1-1 Zoom Call