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Client Information

When it comes to CRM’s, their ability to hold all your client information neatly and organised in a way that helps you maximise your potential income is GAME CHANGING! 

But it’s not just about the obvious. By really thinking about the strategic information you store about your clients, you can really maximise the conversions on sales with them and this is where your account management is your secret weapon moving forward. Everything from the business as usual information of emails, industry and locations, to buying habits, payment habits and even personal information about their interests can give you a great picture of your client and audience base to make sales decisions on in the future. 

When it comes to keeping records of our clients in a CRM, these usually fall into two main categories: Existing clients and potential clients. 

Existing clients will have a lot more information within them that you can build over time of working with them, especially from a buying perspective to allow you to get a clear picture of how you can support them moving forward and the potential challenges you may have getting things over the line. Maybe they have an approval process that was challenging the first time, but now you have more information on the types of questions they ask, who needs what information and what the timescales are like for future project approvals and money coming into the bank. Do they prefer longer payment plans or do they like to pay for the work upfront, what are their invoicing terms and how good are they at paying on time. All this information allows you to build a clear picture of what they look like and make decisions about whether or not they will be good to continue working with. 

Potential clients require you to unleash your inner private investigator. From looking at their websites and social media, to noting information from emails and calls you have with them, this allows you to form a picture of what the client looks like in more detail and mirror things back to them to build the trust (and increase the likelihood of converting them into a client). Storing information such as call transcripts, client emails etc makes this process much simpler for you especially when dealing with a higher volume of enquiries and prospective clients. 

Even things such as times people like to be called, ways they prefer to communicate and personal interests can be utilised to build better relationships with your clients. And better relationships… mean better sales!