FREE 5 Day Challenge

Want me to teach you my number ONE up-selling strategy to help you make more money without compromising your integrity?


Over these 5 days, I will teach you my most effective up-selling technique used by multi-million $ corporate businesses worldwide!!

AND that has helped HUNDREDS of businesses I have worked with grow like HELL!!!

You will learn how to create additional income from what you ALREADY HAVE!!

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So what are we going to get up to over these epic 5 days?!

You guessed it… It’s Ideal Client Avatar time!

There’s a reason we always start with ICA and that’s because, without your clients… you don’t have a business!! They are at the front of everything we do, and so should always be your main focus especially when it comes to SALES!

Now it’s all about the WHAT you offer!

We will take a deep dive into ONE of your signature offerings within your business!
After all, we have worked out who so we need to make sure we know exactly what it is we are selling to them.

This is all about looking at the WHAT NEXT for the client!

We need to fully understand where we want them to go on our journey together and why it is the logical next step for THEM!
So it’s time to look at what to sell NEXT!

Now it’s the juicy one…

It’s time for the UP-SELLING!
I’m obviously not telling you how we are going to do that HERE… you will have to sign up to find out my NUMBER ONE UP-SELLING TECHNIQUE!!

Now the fun starts – LET’S GET SELLING!!!

We will look at positioning your up-sell to generate the MAXIMUM impact for your business growth!
And most importantly… get it out into the world!!

Hello you gorgeous humans…

I am Hannah! I am a sales coach and consultant based in the sunny UK!!

After years in corporate sales, bringing in deals of up to 9 FIGURES, I had the glaring realisation… It wasn’t for me!

I learned the hard way that just because I CAN sell anything doesn’t mean I SHOULD… or that I WILL!

I fundamentally believe that the client should ALWAYS come first…

So I left! I packed up my trusty coffee mug (you can’t work in sales without a slightly unhealthy addiction to coffee….) and started my own business helping business owners overcome their sales blocks and SMASH their income goals!

I have been lucky enough to work with some INCREDIBLE people so far on my journey and watching them grow their business AND their confidence has been amazing!!

I cannot wait to work with you too!!

What are you waiting for?!