It’s time to stop playing small and build the wealth in your life to give you everything you ever dreamed of… and MORE!


CAUTION: This programme has been known to increase your self worth, give you back your life and build the wealth you want!

The best time to make the changes your business needs to get you where you want… IS RIGHT NOW!

Everyone has been at the same point in business, even those who you look up to!

🔥You have a million and one ideas that are all incredible but you don’t know where to begin

🔥 You want to grow but the idea of hustling 24/7 makes you want to bite your arm off

🔥 You creating your business to give you MORE time not to work every hour under the sun

🔥 You see those big money wins everyone posts and think they are just a pipe dream

🔥 You are smart enough to know that there isn’t some magic wand you can just wave… even though you wish there was

And now you just want to take back control and build the wealth in your business you know you deserve!

It’s time for you to get EXACTLY THAT!

Wealth is a step by step framework for creating exactly what it says on the tin… WEALTH! 

Incorporating years of sales experience both in multi-million $$ corporate business AND the online world, with proven sales psychology to really kick things up a notch, this programme covers EVERY aspect you need to craft your perfect wealth strategy to not only achieve your goals, but to go further than you ever dreamed! 

❌ No bullshit

❌ No fluff

Just real, actionable steps to get you exactly where you want to be and mastering the art of selling! 

WITHOUT feeling like you need a cold shower afterwards! 


Other sales programmes out there can feel like GROUNDHOG DAY!

“If you don’t do this exactly the same as everyone here, step by step then you won’t make sales and your business will fail!” 

“It is all about the ‘razzle dazzle’ to help you baffle your clients brains into just buying from you because everyone is a potential client!” 

“You don’t need a strategy, just book more sales calls, send more cold DM’s and work harder. That’s how you succeed!” 


For years during my corporate career, I honestly believed that everyone who started in sales must have watched Wolf of Wall Street! As if it was some sort of “ultimate training video” for how to close deals and make a shed load of money.

My eyes rolled so hard I think they are still recovering…

And when I left that world and moved online, I hoped that things would be different… BETTER! 

Apparently NOT! 

The same crappy techniques for closing deals and landing clients were still peddled as THE ONLY WAY to succeed…


And when I couldn’t find a programme on the market that encompassed everything that I knew was ACTUALLY TRUE, with the foundations for building wealth for business owners through mastering the art of selling…

I thought “Hold my Coffee!” and WEALTH was born! 

In WEALTH you will:

🔥 Embrace your wealth mindset and embrace your full potential no matter what your goals are (HINT: they are ALL valid)

🔥 Dive deep into what you REALLY need to understand about your clients to have them falling in love with you and staying in your world

🔥 Build your UNIQUE wealth strategy around your life so that it works FOR you without compromising your values or your freedom

🔥 Confidently create and launch your offers to your audience knowing you are maximising your wealth potential EVERY SINGLE TIME

🔥 Guarantee you are building a sustainable business that GROWS with you without falling over along the way

And so so so much more!!!


You know what wealth looks like for you, even if you haven’t let yourself REALLY think about it too much before now…

But I want you too.

To allow yourself to think of just how much your life would change if you realised those dreams.

Not just financial wealth… but time, social and health wealth as well!

I bet you are smiling right now!

So isn’t it about time you gave yourself permission to do just that and live that life rather than just dream about it! 


So what is actually included?


The full WEALTH self-learn programme through your Dashboard for LIFE!

And… all future updates of the programme will be included as they occur!!


A community of people just like you to support you, help you and keep you motivated when things get tough.

As well as guest experts dropping in for even more gold!


Every week you will have the opportunity to ask me ANYTHING.

I will go LIVE in the support group and answer every single question… plus you know I will be dropping some GOLD as well!

But Hannah, what does the programme look like?

Diving deep into the tools you need to really develop your WEALTH MINDSET no matter where you are on your business journey!

Exploring what you really need to know when it comes to your Ideal Client for your business and how to understand what makes them want to buy from you!

Learn how to understand your competition by dropping your ego and seeing how they can be one of the most valuable resources to you and your wealth plan!

You started a business to get your life BACK so it’s time we made sure you knew exactly how to do that without compromising your wealth goals!

Then it’s time to dive into those juicy offers of yours! Whether its how to create them, how to price them or where they sit within your business… I got you!

One of the most wealth creating parts of this programme… creating your incredible client journey to really turn your clients lives upside down!

Let it flooooow, let it flooooow!! It’s time to dive into the flows that turn your business into a wealth generating machine time and time again!

You are EPIC so it’s time to show everyone just how good you are by jumping into wealthy launches with both feet!

Building true wealth means not putting all your eggs in one basket… so obviously I am going to show you how to do EXACTLY THAT!

Being able to showcase your offers is the key to selling with ease and that’s exactly what we will be discovering here!

And obviously it doesn’t stop there! Building those wealthy relationships is one of the most crucial parts of building SIGNIFICANT wealth…

No woman is an island… and this is the module where some of the BEST IN THE WORLD will take you through some incredible extras!!

Pretty good huh?! 😝😝


But is wealth for you?

If you...

🔥 Are ready to implement to build that wealth your desire

🔥 Know that you are destined for big things

🔥 Want to create a strategy that is 100% YOURS

🔥 Want to be surrounded by other epic humans who have the same goal

If you...

❌ Want to just sit back and hope that wealth falls from the sky

❌ Are ok with staying small

❌ Just want to do the same thing but expect different results

❌ Go out alone without any support

There is no such thing as a magic wand when it comes to building wealth…

But with the right support, it doesn’t have to be just a dream!

Let's Do This!!


Do you want even more support from me on your journey to your goals??

Who am I??

I am Hannah! A sales mentor and consultant based in the sunny UK!!

After years in corporate sales, landing multi-million $$ deals, I had the glaring realisation… I’d had enough!

Pushy sales tactics, sleazy strategies and things that even thinking about now leave my skin crawling… It just wasn’t for me!

So I left! I packed up my trusty coffee mug (you can’t work in sales without a slightly unhealthy addiction to coffee….) and started my own business helping business owners JUST LIKE YOU to build their wealth through mastering the art of selling!

Working WITH people to find what works for them and making sure they have clear steps to get exactly what they desire in this life… and maybe even more 😏😏

But don’t take my word for how amazing it is to work with me…