Do you want to build the wealth you desire in your life??

Not just financial… but time, social and health wealth??

Now is time to step into the wealth you DESERVE!!


This Exclusive Group Mentorship Programme is for YOU!

Do you want a business

that generates you the wealth you desire in life?

Not just financial wealth

but time, social and health wealth as well?

The wealth that you

know deep down that you deserve in your world?


Over 8 weeks we will go on a journey to help you create the business you desire. We will cover all the most important aspects of creating wealth in your business (and LIFE!) including not only what you need to do… but the HOW!

Think of this as the ultimate wealth programme combining mindset and energetics with corporate level sales strategy and implementation tools!!

But what do I get Hannah?!

Well... funny you should ask 😉

1-1 access to Hannah through Voxer to answer all your questions during the 8 weeks

Private FB Support Group just for WEALTH participants

Weekly LIVE 90 minute Masterclass and Q&A Session

LIFETIME Access to Masterclass recordings

Over 8 weeks we will dive into your…

It’s time to smash out of that box you have put yourself in, release old self talk that may be holding you back and reframe your relationship with money and wealth!

We will dive into the holding space in sales, mastering the balance of masculine and feminine energies and understanding the energetics of wealth and how to use it!

Connecting with your dream clients, understanding how you can best support them and ensuring they are at the front of everything you do within your business!

Now it’s time to dive into that wealth flow, maximising it’s potential both for now and in the future and aligning this with your wealth capacity for your business!

This is where it gets JUICY!! It’s not just about the offers but how to generate real wealth for your business through the “value added” to those offers to have your clients wanting more!

From big launches to general promotions, it’s time to step into the wealth that aligns with you and launching your offers into the world, holding the space and maximising your potential!

Connection with your audience, clients and even those who say “no” initially through your copy, how to draw people in and showcasing your business off as the wealth magnet it is!

It’s time to play like a big dog and level up your business so your clients become your ultimate sales team!

But don’t take my word for how amazing it is to work with me…

What are you waiting for?



Including 1:1 Support

WEALTH inc 1-1 Support

Note: Payment Plans available!

Hello you gorgeous humans…

I am Hannah! I am a sales coach and consultant based in the sunny UK!!

After years in corporate sales, bringing in deals of up to 9 FIGURES, I had the glaring realisation… It wasn’t for me!

I learned the hard way that just because I CAN sell anything doesn’t mean I SHOULD… or that I WILL!

I fundamentally believe that the client should ALWAYS come first…

So I left! I packed up my trusty coffee mug (you can’t work in sales without a slightly unhealthy addiction to coffee….) and started my own business helping business owners overcome their sales blocks and SMASH their income goals!

I have been lucky enough to work with some INCREDIBLE people so far on my journey and watching them grow their business AND their confidence has been amazing!!

I cannot wait to work with you too!!